In the middle of the twenty-first century, human cloning becomes morally permissible. The first highly developed country launches a project to create human duplicates. At the initial stage, only extremely wealthy people can afford to have clones. Soon organ transplants to save lives, prolong youth or out of whim, cease to be something problematic, but this prerogative continues to be available only to the elite. The global community oscillates between the desire to follow the example of one country and the realization that the experiment is morally unacceptable. At the juncture of the decision in favor of creating clones around the world, the experiment of the first country begins to rapidly enter the stage of stagnation. Against the backdrop of these global events, clone number 11111 embarks on a journey to seek answers to questions that have different answers for different people: Is it permissible for humans to interfere with the eternal course of nature in such a crude way? What are the consequences? Do clones have no souls? What are clones capable of when it comes to their relationship to their creators? Who is worse: clone or human? Is unconditional forgiveness possible or can only worthy revenge stop everything? Is it possible to win in a game without rules? And what is more important: kindness or justice?

Not a clone

Volume: 311 pages.
Age limit: 18+
Genres: science fiction, thriller, adventure, action romance
Chapters: 56
Publication date: Aug 24, 2023
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